The Military-Historical Festival "Karelian Borders. Porgankondushi"

More than thousand people have gathered on August 18 in the historical village of Pogrankondushi, which is located on the perspective international route "The Blue Road" and has the rich military and historical heritage in relations of Russia, Sweden and Finland in different periods. These are the boundary stones designating border between Sweden and Russia in 1618 and the border between the USSR and Finland in 1917-1940, concrete defensive installations dates back to the late 1930s, the memorial to the Soviet soldiers lost within the World War II.

August 18, 2002. Pogrankondushi. Festival, 2002
Pogrankondushi. Festival, 2002

Spectators have become witnesses of reconstruction of two battles: Karelian and Novgorod soldiers against the Swedish vikings (XIII century), and units of Workers'-and-Peasants' Red Army against the Finnish army (1941), that were performed by the members of clubs of military history fans from Petrozavodsk and Saint Petersburg.

Magnificent knightly armour, original uniform and weapons, pyrotechnic effects and impressing battle stages have closely approached historical interpretations to the reality.

August 18, 2002. Pogrankondushi. Festival, 2002
Pogrankondushi. Festival, 2002

Visitors of the festival could take part in the excursion on "Pogrankondushi. Historical marks" organized by employees of the museum of the town of Pitkäranta for visiting famous Varashev stone, the monument of XVIIth century, at the coast of Ladoga lake.

The actions held have evidently shown scientific, cultural and tourist potential of this territory of Karelian Ladoga Lakeside, new opportunities of use of objects of military and historical heritage and prospects of development of the project.

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