During many centuries Karelia was in the focus of the geo-political interests of Russia, Sweden and Finland, due to it's close location to the border. Nowadays there are still a lot of historical sights, reflecting the relations of the above mentioned states, first of all- during the periods of military resistance.

One of the sights is the village of Pogrankondushi, the Pitkäranta district of the Republic of Karelia, which due to it's strategic location often was in the centre of military ambitions and actions. Within different periods of time the state border between Russia, Sweden and Finland passed there.

September 2004. Pogrankondushi

The village of Pogrankondushi is situated on the territory of the Ladoga -Karelian region along the highway Olonets – Pitkäranta, 2 km from the Ladoga Lake. This settlement was mentioned as "Kondushi"in the archives from 1568. Nowadays the traditional dwelling houses of the village combine the patterns of the wooden architecture typical both for the Karelians and for the Finns as a result of the village's location on the border of the ethnic area of the Olonets Karelians and the Finns of the Nothern Ladoga.

The objects of historical interest connected with the relations of Russia, Sweden and Finland of different periods are still preserved in the village. The boundary stones, indicating the state border between Sweden and Russia (1618) and between the USSR and Finland (1917-1940) are of great interest.

July 1999. Pogrankondushi
Soviet fortifications
© Valery Gulyaev

The military-historical objects of the Soviet-Finnish War (1939-1940) and the Great Patriotic War periods are connected with the tragic pages in the history of relations between Russia and Finland. On the territory of Pogrankondushi there is a cemetery of the Soviet soldiers, who had fallen for the liberty and independence of our Motherland. Defence stuctures made of concrete, built in the end of the 1930 s as part of the defence system of the USSR from Finland's possible aggression, can be seen as interesting objects of the military history.

The village of Pogrankondushi is located along a perspective international tourist route "The Blue Highway".