The Military-Historical Festival "Karelian Borders. Kollasjärvi"

For the second year on the territory of Suojärvi district goes the project "On both sides of the Kollaa: from past to present". More and more state and public organisations become its participants.

Initiated by the Karelian Ministry of Culture the "State centre on the protection and use of the cultural and historical monuments", administrations of Suojärvi and Pitkäranta districts and the Language and Literature Institution of the Karelian Scientific Centre of the Academy of Science of Russia the II International Assembly "By the roads of past years – to peace" took part in the Suojärvi district. The assembly was dedicated to the 62nd year of the end of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. Different actions that took part in the framework of the assembly aroused big interest among the public.

March 17, 2002. Kollasjärvi. Festival, 2002
Kollasjärvi. Festival, 2002

The final action of the assembly was the military-historic show that took place in march 17th about 30 km from Suojärvi on the territory of the historic-memorial complex "Kollasjärvi". Its aim was to present the tourist potential of the complex, laying on the perspective tourist route "The Blue Road".

Representatives of the tourist firms, inhabitants and guests witnessed the reconstruction of the combat of the times of the Winter War presented by the members of the military history clubs from Petrozavodsk and St-Petersburg. The action took place at the place of the fierce fighting of the Soviet and Finnish troops in 1939-1940.

The real uniform, arms and pyrotechnic effects, impressive battle scenes made the show nearly real.

March 17, 2002. Kollasjärvi. Festival, 2002
Kollasjärvi. Festival, 2002

The beginning of the action and its final were marked by the laying a wreaths on a graves of Soviet and Finnish soldiers and at the memorial "The Cross of the Sorrow" near Pitkäranta and military salute.

All the actions hold in the framework of the Assembly were widely covered by republican and district press, by radio and TV and got a wide scientific, cultural and public interest.

Press-office of the State Centre for Protection and Managing
of Monuments of History and Culture of the Ministry of Culture,
the Republic of Karelia